Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bouncing Back from Illness

I am the boss. I am the chief writer/editor. I am the marketing director, proposal writer, accountant, and customer service agent. So what happened a month ago when I was unable to work because of severe physical illness? Nothing—absolutely nothing happened. Clients moved on, blog stalled, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ fell flat, and no money was earned.

It is amazing how quickly people put you out of their minds. You don’t exist. Four short weeks can virtually erase you from the collective mind of the e-World. Now that I’m able to work again, it’s like beginning all over. The response to my return is less than impressive. My followers and supporters on social media make no comments or likes to my posts as they did just thirty-some days ago.
The short lesson to this is simple…don’t get sick. The long lesson is…don’t give up. I was rolling along quite nicely at one time, so I just have to get there again. There is absolutely no rest for the weary to simply lie down and die. A stronger commitment is all I need to climb right back up the e-World mountain.

Okay, so what’s my game plan? Write, write, write, and write some more. Blog posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, Google+ presence, etc. Most importantly, do the best work I can for the two clients I have at the moment, both of which I am extremely grateful.

Something I always remember…once you’re down, the only way to go is up. I’m not buried, but I sure am scrounging to stand upright. Simply amazing—it looks like it will take double time to make it back to start. Kind of makes me feel humble and thankful.

I would like to ask for everyone who reads this post to leave a comment telling me how you overcame adversity or made your way back up after being down for the count. 

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