Sunday, February 1, 2015

Living with a Freelance Mom, By Andi Callen

Living with my mom, CJ, effects many areas of my life, from helping, giving advice, to writing for her, and dealing with a lot of crap. I have learned, my mom often has much stress on her shoulders, and my father is always at work, so who does she have to turn to… me. My name is Andi, and I am 12 years old. When my mom comes to me for advice she might ask me any number of things like, “Does this make sense?” or “Do u think my boss will like this?” Many people would ask why you would go to a child.  Well I may be twelve, but I am very smart for my age.

            CJ is a very good mom, and a great writer, but she does put me through a lot of crap. She can be very annoying sometimes, but I know she only wants advice and help. I might be sitting on my bed playing a game when she comes in and goes on about her writing. Sometimes we go through many challenges, like how she’s making less money than she deserves, or how she needs to write all night because she couldn't work the day before.

I have learned many things from her, like other forms of writing. She not only helps me in vocabulary, but also in my writing styles and research skills. This I love about her, because writing has always been the hardest subject for me, and she has always been there to help. My mom being a freelancer has helped me in school and in my life. Many times, she will even pay me for working and researching for her. This not only makes my mom happy for making me a little writer, but it makes me happy too, because she is happy.

Many people don’t understand how hard it can be to be a freelancer, but as my mom knows, more than I do it can be stressing. That’s why I love my mom so much; Not just because she is my mother, but because she teaches me and helps me work out my problems. Without my mother, I don’t think I would know as much as much as I do. Thankfully, my mom is a freelancer and a great person, or else I would not be as educated and passionate as I am today.